A frightening beginning

In the beginning there was Steve, and he was a runner. And he was good (enough).

But then Steve’s friend came and said that Steve should do a triathlon. And Steve thought it would be good.

So Steve bought a triathlon bike and tried to ride it. And it was bad. Very very bad.

People tell you learning to ride a triathlon bike will be different than riding a regular bike. And they’re right. It is different. But they haven’t picked the best word to describe it. Different? Come on. Unnerving. Bizarre. Unnatural. Scary. All better choices that would have helped me mentally prepare for my first ride. Then again, people probably don’t want to scare new people away from a sport. So I suppose doing some lying truth manipulation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But Steve! Why would a triathlon bike be so different? Good question self. Let’s take a look.

1. You’re clipped in. You wear special shoes that clip into the pedals. And they do not come off of the pedals easily. So if you’re coming to a stop and forget to unclip, you’re definitely going to wipe out. I was warned I would definitely fall at some point. I’ll get back to that soon.

2. Weight distribution. Since you’re leaning forward, the bike is front heavy instead of back heavy. This is great if you like knowing that if you do hit a branch that stopped to rest as it was crossing the road then you will not have to wait long before you’re kissing cement.

3. Tires. My mountain bike tires made me go slow. And riding on them was very HARD. I don’t miss them. But road tires are something new to me. Very skinny. Very fast. They also don’t feel quite as stable.

Those are just the big things. Now this isn’t meant to be a hate letter to tri bikes. That would be pointless because my bike doesn’t have internet access. What this is is a log sharing my progress (or lack there of) as I work toward my first triathlon. The bike will be my nemesis. It is like a horse waiting to be broken. Well I don’t want to break my bike. It wasn’t cheap. But I want to break it as if it were a horse that got lime disease and had to have all of its legs amputated, so the doctors grafted on two tires instead. And it WILL be broken!

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2 Responses to A frightening beginning

  1. Adam says:

    Hey Steve, your blog is cool! I’m all caught up and looking forward to each new post. Good luck with everything. Your writing is funny with a little lesson in each story, and it doesn’t hurt that I like the idea of trying a tri someday. Plus the typos seem to be almost nonexistent. Talk to you later buddy. Is the point of a blog not to have pictures, or have you thought about adding one every now and then?

    • Steve B. says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it Adam. You’ll have to definitely try the tri someday. I have grown to really enjoy the training. I’ll try to incorporate some pics soon!

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